Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

Geographical Information Systems has been widely used in archaeological, geological, geophysical and geotechnical researches in recent years. With the help of these information systems, the results of many studies obtained from the study area are brought together on the basis of a data log, and an important documentation study has been made about the field.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in archaeological studies; Studies on many subjects such as archaeological research and excavation results, mapping, photographing, profile drawings, all outputs obtained by archaeological prospecting methods, aging results of the extracted materials can be documented in a database. In addition, these data contribute significantly to the creation of a virtual archaeological settlement. In addition, these data also contribute to the creation of an archaeological settlement plan virtually.

In Geographical Information Systems (GIS) earth science studies; Active fault systems, formations that can create landslides, the properties of accumulation in sediment covers and their thickness, underground visualization for geomorphological purposes, natural formations such as paleo-channel and karstic void areas, the locations of shallow underground aquifers, and the researches to reveal the problems that may occur in different hydrogeological and grounds. It ensures the gathering of the obtained information in a database.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping studies; It is carried out using GNSS and RTK (Real Time Kinematics) and CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) methods. Griding work that can be created in desired dimensions (5x5m, 10x10m etc.) in archaeological areas is carried out and topographic maps of the area are created by taking precise measurements. In addition, micro topography studies are carried out in more detailed researches.

Our Mapping Equipment

  • Trimble R4 GNSS System
  • Leica Geosystems SR20 GPS Positioning System
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