Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a survey technique that is used in shallow applications of geophysics and has a wide area of ​​use. Radargrams created by sending high-frequency electromagnetic (between 10 MHz and 3 GHz) radar signals through a transmitter antenna to the underground and using the round-trip times of their reflections in the ground, underground structures are examined with high separation.

The application areas of the method are very common today and are applied on almost all shallow geophysical problems. Especially shallow geological problems (stratigraphy, fault determinations, landslides, karstic gaps, shallow groundwater aquifer investigations, etc.), examination of archaeological structures and living cultural heritage, engineering applications (pipeline research, tunnel-highway and railway lines, building fittings and building It has a rich application area in many areas such as exploration of the problems in it, detecting unexploded military materials and mines, forensic medicine and natural disasters, determination of pollution and underground chemical fluid leaks, research on solid waste areas, determination of mineral deposits and ore exploration and marble work.


Our Georadar Equipment

  • GSSI SIR-3000 GPR Data Acquisition System
  • GSSI 100 MHz Bistatic Shielded Antennas.
  • GSSI 270 MHz Shielded Antenna.
  • GSSI 400 MHz Shielded Antenna.
  • GSSI 1600 MHz Shielded Antenna.
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